At Institute of Family Medicine, We offer Medical and Dental Services. This Practice beautifully and strategically located at the heart of the Jaffna Town. Jaffna Public Library, Judicial Court and General Hospital are in our neighbourhood. We are in the catchment area of 6 major schools (Jaffna Central, Vembadi Girls, St Patricks, Holly Family Convent, St Jones and Chundiukulli Girls) and many other primary schools.


At IOFM we are equipped with Father David Conference Hall. This can cater up-to 150 audiences. In addition there are two more lecture halls with the capacity to cater 50 audiences each. All of these venues are equipped with the state of the art audiovisual technologies with WiFi Internet availability. We also have accommodation facilities with air condition to cater the visiting academics.




We offer courses in emergency care (CPR). This centre is equipped with skill lab which can simulate various specialities settings for both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. Basic IT training and Linguistic studies are offered. OBAs and medical charities are encouraged to use this centre to engage in research and learning activities useful to the community.